The Department of Immigration located at Brikhutimandap issues permit for tourists who intend to trek on any part of the country. Trekking permits are as follows:


Trekking Permit

Dolpa and Kanchenjunga Equivalent to US $ 10 per person per week for the first four weeks and US $ 20 per week thereafter.
Manaslu US$ 75(Dec-Aug) per person per week US$ 90(Sep-Nov) per person per week
Simikot US$ 90 per person per week
Mustang And Upper Dolpa US$ 700 per person for the first ten days and US$ 70 per person per day thereafter.


Note: Trekking to Dolpa, Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, Simikot and Mustang can be undertaken through registered trekking agencies only.