There are plenty of reasons why Mumbai in India is well worth a visit. From nightlife to nature, the city has it all. There are number of tourist places in mumbai and also a big list of best place to visit in mumbai. so here is a list which will help you to know things to do in mumbai and 5 reasons why you should visit Mumbai at least once.

1) Beaches-

Mumbai is famous for his beaches Juhu Beach, Girgaon Chowpatty, Uran Beach, Varsova Beach and marine drive. The beach makes the Mumbai different from any other place. A city of dreams with lots of beaches gives the power to dream and to live.

2) Street food-

With this busy lifestyle not everyone get enough time to sit in air conditioning place and have a meal. So to save time and run on clock people choose the best alternative as street food. Mumbai street food is best in India. Food stalls next to the stalls in every road from chai to chat and chat to Chinese. Mumbai street food has taste for your every mood. Khau-galli is one of the best place to visit in mumbai for street food.

3) Street shopping-

Being metropolis, Mumbai has shopping option for every fashion dreamer. From cheapest fashionable clothing’s to branded clothing’s Mumbai has everything. Places like Fashion street and Colaba are the most attracted visitor points of tourist, even the street shopping is the most attracted and favourite point of foreign visitors/ tourists.

4) Night life-

The city which never sleep. Mumbai is one of the city which get more beautiful in night. Because they says Mumbai never sleeps, and yes its right. There are some hotels in Mumbai which specially opens at nights. Some stores which only opens at night. No matter if its 4am in night you will still taxi easily as you gets in daytime. So no worry if you want to catch flight late night. You will easly get transports.
Marin line which is one of the most attraction part of the Mumbai night life. The C shape marine line which is called as Queen Necklace looks more beautiful in night time.

5) Mumbai History and culture-

An abundance of historical and cultural sites makes Mumbai one of the country’s most fascinating destinations. In addition to Gateway of India – the city’s most iconic landmark which make best tourist place in mumbai, the state capital of Maharashtra boasts interesting museums, eye-catching architecture, as well as some amazing Buddhist and Hindu caves. The most remarkable are the Elephanta Caves – an impressive collection of temples, halls, and stone sculptures of Hindu gods, located on the Elephanta Island in Mumbai Harbor. Each place speaks about the history of the Mumbai

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