Here’s are few tips which can come handy while planning a visit to Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh:
1. Don’t plan a visit to Pench national park during Monsoons. The park is closed from mid-june to mid-october and your visit may be a complete failure.

2. If you plan your visit with help of a tour operator, then generally you don’t face such issues, as tour operators are aware of when the Pench national park is closed and when it opens. but for those who plan their tip on their own should keep in mind these details about the park.

3. Since the nearest town for which one can say is located near the Pench national park is Nagpur. so visitors who want to visit Pench national park should consider Nagpur as their initial choice.

4. Try going on a Jungle safari in Pench during Mornings, which might undoubtedly broaden the chances of spotting wild animals and herbivores together with the mighty Tiger.

5. All the resorts which provide accommodation nearby Pench national park arrange for jeep Safaris and Elephant Safaris. hence it’s ideal to suit yourselves with just one operator apart from making an attempt to make plans with many of them.

6. There are around three gates for the entrance to the Pench national park. And hence it depends on from where you visit. the nearest and the most convenient Entry gate for Pench national park is the Turia Gate.

7. Attempt to avoid using strong perfumes or deodorants which might scare the animals. also prefer light clothing apart from flashy wear.

8. Non-public vehicles have their own allotted area for parking, since they’re not allowed inside the Gates.

9. Light clothing preferable in summers may include T-shirts, Jeans or shorts. however in winters, light woollen is suggested.

10. Mobile connectivity can be a problem in the Forest area, because the network might not be available for cell phones. so don’t expect much of the phone ringing here in this area.

11. Whereas coming through the Nagpur – Jabalpur highway remember to look for the Pench national park Sign Board on the highway which you may come across at Khawasa. Take that turn from Khawasa, which leads to through a metalloid road to Pench national park.

12. Last but not the least, if you really wish to spot a tiger in Pench national park, choose for a Elephant Ride which definitely adds more chances for spotting a tiger.

Kanha national park lies near Pench national park and is around 120kms.

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