For over 40 years, Nepal has been en extremely fascinating destination for travellers, scholars, and researchers. For those interested in culture, the Kathmandu valley, is endowed with 7 World Heritage sites. This valley was divided into 3 kingdoms less than a century ago. It now contains countless architectural monuments, and vestiges of varied cultural and religious traditions.

The Kathmandu valley, the political, commercial cultural hub of Nepal is famed for its natural beauty and historic, holistic place. It is a city of artistic exposition of many temples, elegant palaces, brick paved courtyards and quaint streets. As a whole, the valley is surrounded by tier upon tier of green mountain walls above wich mighty snow capped peaks tower. The valley is rich in places of pilgrimage for both Hindus and Buddhists. Both of their deities well side by side by both tantric symbolism and ancient animistic beliefs.

A very old Hindu text described Kathmandu as the land of gods surrounded by beautiful mountains around. It said that there were as many temples as there were houses and as many idols as there were people. In fact Kathmandu boasts one of the largest congregations of magnificent historical monuments and shrines ever built.