Kenya is one among the most renowned travel destinations. Kenya is famous for its remarkable diversity of landscapes, animals, and cultures. Nothing really can beat the safari vacation with breath-taking views, amazing wildlife and rich culture in Kenya.

Here’s a list of interesting facts to learn about the Kenyan Wildlife Safari.

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  • Kenya is a country in east Africa that shares its coastline border with the Indian Ocean, and land borders with five countries that are Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Sudan, and Tanzania.
  • The official language of Kenya is Swahili and English, but there are more 63 indigenous languages are spoken in the country.
  • Christianity is the main religion, here 80% of the population is Christian.
  • The “Big Five animals”: The African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, African Lion, African Leopard, and the Rhinoceros are all found in Kenya. The Term “Big Five animals” was coined by Big-game hunters as all these mammals are considered the most dangerous animals and are difficult to hunt.
  • The Great Rift Valley, which is the result of earth splitting force is located at the equator in Kenya. It was formed 200 years ago and clearly visible from the space to the astronauts.

Kenya Wildlife Safari

Kenya has been attracting many tourists and adventurers for hundreds of years for its spectacular scenery and unique wildlife. Wildlife of Kenya offers a wide variety of species. Here are some popular animals that are found here.

Giraffe: –

  • Also known as the world’s tallest animal. The Giraffe has been declared as the most critically endangered species. There are three different sub-species found in Kenya.

Reticulated Giraffe: It has a regular network pattern of white bold lines and has large polygonal shaped spots. These giraffes are only found in Samburu National Park.

Masai Giraffe: Unlike the reticulated giraffe, this giraffe lacks the clean lines and has patches that are leaf-like in shape. Masai Giraffes are found in Masai Mara, Amboseli, and Tsavo.

Rothschild’s giraffe: has a unique coloring as compared to other species. The Rothschild’s giraffe displays no spots below the knee, which give the appearance of wearing socks. The Rothschild’s giraffe can be seen in Lake Nakuru National park in Kenya.


  • Also called the “silent hunter”. The leopard belongs to the Felidae family and is the smallest member of the four “Big cats”, the other three being the lion, the tiger, and the jaguar.
  • Leopards live a solitary life, prefers to live alone and only pairs up during the mating season.
  • Leopards hunt their victims on the ground and take their kill up to the trees on higher branches, out of the reach of hyenas and other scavengers.
  • The leopard is nocturnal means it prefers to hunt at night.

How do you draw the difference between the cheetah and Leopard?

  • The cheetah has black tear marks running down the eyes, which makes it easily distinguishable.
  • Although both have golden fur a leopard has black rings (rosette) and a cheetah has black spots on its coat.


  • Hippos are found in sub-Saharan parts. They are very loud and aggressive animals and considered very dangerous. The closest relatives to Hippos are pigs and whales.
  • Hippos sleep underwater, although it needs to resurface every 4-5 minutes to breathe. They use a reflex that allows it to bob up, take in a breath without waking up and sink back down.
  • Staying underwater helps the hippos, not feel the weight of its bulky frame.

Some other popular animals in Kenya include Serval cat, African Wild Dog, Galago, Warthog, Aardwolf, Gazelle, etc.

Sky Safari– A view of Kenya from above

Kenya Balloon Safari:

The luxurious way to explore the most scenic national and wildlife reserve is a Kenya balloon safari. Witness the great Masai Mara Wildebeest migration from the bird’s eye view. The great wildebeest migration is considered as one of the 8 wonders of the world.

Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration:-

Over 2 millions of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles, the herds of these three species migrate from the Serengeti national park in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in search of food and water.
Masai Mara river crossing is the most noted location of the wildebeest migration because of its famed Mara river. Before reaching the Mara river hundreds of zebra, wildebeest, and gazelle are hunted, stalked and killed off by large carnivores while some lose their lives due to exhaustion and hunger, in the end, the resilient ones survive. And despite the massacre, millions who still make it across the river have to make the Serengeti National park in three months.

Don’t miss the breathtaking opportunity to visit Kenya. Enjoy the sightseeing to many famous places nearby. There’re plenty of options for the safari trip available to choose according to your preference. So, plan a trip to Kenya now and experience the vivid wildlife with your loved ones.

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